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Institute of Deep Earth Sciences and Green Energy, Shenzhen University

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Institute of Deep Earth Sciences and Green Energy is led by Prof. Heping Xie, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, focusing on a number of Deep Earth Sciences and Green Energy research areas.

Prof. Heping Xie has been well-supported by the National Key R&D Program, National 973 Project, National Natural Science Foundation Innovation Group Project, National Key Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project, National Natural Science Foundation International Cooperation Project and International Cooperation Project from Ministry of Science and Technology, etc. In 2018, the institute participated in the establishment of “Shenzhen Clean Energy Research Institute”, which is approved as one of the top ten basic research platforms in Shenzhen. In 2019, the institute was successfully approved as the “Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Deep Science and Geothermal Energy Exploitation and Utilization”.

The institute currently has more than 20 experienced faculties, including one full-time Academician and 9 part-time employed Academicians; 11 winners of national talent projects. The institute have established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known international scientists, including Prof Hongjie Dai (Stanford University, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences),Prof. Haisui Yu (University of Nottingham, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering), Prof. Jian Zhao (Monash University), Prof. Zhengmeng Hou (Clausthal University of Technology) and Professor Simon Redfern (Cambridge University).

The institute are building a world-leading research platform for deep science and in-situ rock mechanics, engineering disturbed rock dynamics, three-dimensional photoelastic and photoplastic mechanics theory and technology, geothermal energy development and utilization, underground space development and utilization, deep solid resource fluidization mining, and deep Geomedicine, low-carbon technology and CO2 mineralization, seawater hydrogen production, deep ground and moon-based high-fidelity coring.

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