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Key Laboratory of Coastal Urban Resilient Infrastructures (Shenzhen University), Ministry of Education

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Establishment of Key Laboratory of Coastal Urban Resilient Infrastructures (Shenzhen University) was authorized by the Ministry of Education in December 2019. The laboratory was founded based on the Underground Polis Academy of Shenzhen University, the Institute of Urban Smart Transportation & Safety Maintenance,Shenzhen University, the Institute of Deep Earth Sciences and Green Energy, Shenzhen University, the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Civil Engineering, and the Sino-Australia Joint Research Center in BIM and Smart Construction, and other research teams in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. There are currently 75 teachers and researchers (including 14 professors and 15 associate professors) in the laboratory, of which 74 own Ph.D. degrees and 35 once studied overseas for more than 3 years. In addition, there are 15 postdoctoral researchers and 26 administrative staffs.

Under the leadership of Director Chen Xiangsheng (Academician) and Chairman of Academic Committee Xie Lili (Academician), the laboratory has conducted systematic and in-depth research in the field of the resilience of coastal urban infrastructure. Over the past few years, the laboratory has formed a main research strategy within the theoretical framework of the resilient coastal urban infrastructure, based on the researches funded by the National Outstanding Youth Fund, National 973 Program, National Key Research and Development Research Program, Key Program for International Science and Technological Cooperation Projects of China. Theoretical framework of urban underground space utilization, intelligent monitoring and safety control of transportation infrastructure, life-circle designing and performance reliability of structures, as well as construction and management of urban resilient infrastructure have been developed. Among the last 5 years, 378 scientific research projects have been conducted, with a total funding of more than 70 million yuan. More than 210 research papers have been published in high-level journals. Breakthrough has been achieved in the application of the research findings to the coastal urban resilience infrastructure. 3 second prize of national technological invention, and 3 scientific and technological progress awards in the provincial and ministerial levels from the Ministry of Education and Guangdong Province have been won.

In the last 5 years, the laboratory invited more than 50 famous scholars from China and abroad, such as United States, Britain and Japan, and delivered more than 100 academic lectures and conferences. Researchers of the laboratory gave more than 200 research reports, including more than 20 keynote or specially-invited reports at various international and domestic academic conferences. The laboratory successfully co-held the Global Urban Underground Space Development and Utilization Summit (i.e, 7th Underground Space Development Conference, Shanghai, China), Forum on Intelligent Transportation, Safety, Operation and Maintenance and other high-level academic conferences. The laboratory has gained good academic reputation and impact among domestic and foreign counterparts for its research achievements in the field of coastal urban resilience infrastructure.

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