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The team of Shenzhen University won the special prize of the 11th National College Students Real estate Planning Competition and won the national championship for three consecutive times

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On November 24, 2019, the 11th National Real estate Planning Competition finals and the second China Real Estate School-enterprise Collaborative Innovation and Development Summit were held in Shenzhen University."National College Students Real Estate Planning Competition" is directed by China Real Estate Association, sponsored by China Construction Education Association, co-organized by Real Estate Education China, Beijing Jianzhu University and Shenzhen University, and exclusively named by E-House Enterprise Group. It is the most influential competition among universities and enterprises specializing in real estate and engineering management in China.

The opening ceremony was attended by leaders of China Real Estate Association and China Architecture Education Association, university experts and real estate entrepreneurs. Vice President Wang Hui delivered a speech on the issues of university-enterprise collaboration, innovation and development.The competition advocates actively implementing the idea of "deepening the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation" put forward by the 19th National Congress of the COMMUNIST Party of China, trains the practical ability of innovation and entrepreneurship of college students, promotes the organic connection of education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain, and displays the outstanding achievements of school-enterprise cooperation in China's real estate industry.More than 200 universities and enterprises participated in the competition, including many 985, 211 and double first-class universities. Nearly 8,000 students signed up for the competition.

After two days of fierce competition between 133 teams in the regional finals and the national finals, three shenzhen University teams finally stood out and won the special prize, the first prize and the second prize of the national finals.In addition, our school successfully defended the champion of this competition again and set a new record for this competition.

In this competition, our school formed a guidance teacher team dominated by teachers of Civil and Traffic Engineering Academy, including Song Botong, Wang Gang, Morico, Yuan Lili and Ding Zhikun. Mr. Wang Gang led the team.Under the guidance of teachers, our school students Zhou Fan, Huang Ziyi, Pang Yongsheng, Zhou Junlong, Zhou Xiaoyu "planning practice students" team in the fierce competition, won the special prize, defending the honor of Shenzhen University in this competition.Zhang Mengqian, Huang Shuting, Yang Xionghong, Bai Xiaohe and Li Junjie won the first prize, while The "Stor Pear orange team" composed of Chen Maijun, Lin Deming, Shi Guolin, Ye Zhihai and Chen Hang won the second prize.

Participating teams in the game in our school, and actively striving and the outstanding performance, show the deep spirit of students aggressive challenges bravely, finally through the bright eye of excellent performance won the present enterprise of the judges and the judge agreed, improve the real estate in our school subject in the educational world and the industry reputation, get the education association and the association of real estate, construction companies, colleges and universities represented at the highly acclaimed, is contest organizers awarded "outstanding organization in colleges and universities", "university-enterprise cooperation outstanding contribution award" honor.

Last:Two of our scholars were selected into the 2019 National Outstanding Youth Science Fund funding list


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