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Key Laboratory of Coastal Urban Resilient Infrastructures (Shenzhen University), Ministry of Education was approved

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Slurry sampling in December 2019, the Ministry of Education issued "About agreed to sun yat-sen university and other colleges and universities of construction of key laboratory of the Ministry of Education" (teach technical department [2019] no. 291), a total of nine key laboratory of the Ministry of Education of institutions of higher learning in our province approved by the project construction, led by Academician Chen Xiangsheng to declare "Coastal Urban Resilient Infrastructures" approved project construction.

Key Laboratory of Coastal Urban Resilient Infrastructures (Shenzhen University), Ministry of Education on the basis of shenzhen university, department of civil and transportation engineering institute, Hong Kong and Macao to joint in the bay area much university research team, complex coastal environment infrastructure construction of key scientific and technical problems, many disaster under the action of performance degradation of infrastructure and disaster evolution mechanism, keep and improve the performance of major structure and restoration theory and technology, infrastructure, health diagnosis, security operations and intelligence management, and other aspects of systemic research, so as to improve coastal city infrastructure service performance and emergency disposal ability of disaster prevention and reduction,It will provide strong support for the realization and guarantee of infrastructure connectivity in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

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