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Academician Xie Heping was selected into Elsevier's list of China's Most Cited Scholars in 2019

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On May 7, 2020, Elsevier officially released its "2019 List of China's Most Cited Scholars", which included 2,163 scholars from 242 universities and research institutions in China.

Among them, academician  Xie Heping of our college was in highly cited scholars list ( = 57202217427).

Introduction to the List of Highly Cited Scholars in China:

Elsevier's "List of Highly cited Scholars in China" USES the Scopus database (the world's leading peer-reviewed abstract citation index) as its statistical source and adopts the method developed by Shanghai Soft Science Education Information Consulting Co., LTD.Therefore, the high number of cited scholars in universities is one of the important indicators in the ranking of China's best universities by Soft Sciences (weight 10%).Being included in elsevier's list of highly cited Scholars means that this scholar, as the first author and corresponding author, has published papers at the top level among all researchers in the discipline in China, has a high global influence, and has made great contributions to the development of this field.

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