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Academician Chen Xiangsheng was elected member of the first Strategic Advisory Committee on Basic Research by the Ministry of Science and Technology

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In order to implement 《the Several Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Basic Scientific Research》, strengthen the overall planning and systematic layout of basic research, and improve the scientific and democratic level of major decision-making in basic research, the Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of Chian decided to establish a Strategic Advisory Committee on Basic Research.The first Strategic Advisory Committee on Basic Research is composed of 28 scientists. Academician Chen Xiangsheng, President of our college, is one of the 28 scientists on the list, and he is the only one from a university other than "985" and "211".

The committee main responsibility is to Xi jinping new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics thoughts as the instruction, face the world technological frontier, geared to the needs of the national economy the main, adapt to the need of the national major and accurate analysis basic research trends, conducting basic research strategy consulting, suggest significant demand and basic research work deployment, provide high-level Chinese basic research development, professional decision-making consultation.

The election of Academician Chen Xiangsheng is an important symbol of the rapid development of The School of Civil and Transportation Engineering of Shenzhen University in recent years, and the significant improvement of its academic status and influence at home and abroad. Congratulations!

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