In the world of craft beer brewing, the tendency is to push the limits as far as you can in order to try to get noticed. This results in some very strange techniques and ingredients being used in beer recipes.

Here are some of the strangest ingredients Ive heard of being used in beer.

1. Gold Dust

Ive heard of one brewer sprinkling trace amounts of gold dust into his brew. Hes trying to appeal to  a very small (and elite) group of beer drinkers by offering such a high end ingredient in the beer. It seems silly to me but Ive heard his sales are respectable, so who am I to judge?

2. Health Supplements

There is a brewer in the States that is adding workout supplements to his beer in order to appeal to the gym goers who like to have a beer before going to the gym. I know one of his beers includes a nitric oxide supplement called Nitrocut, which boosts your nitric oxide levels prior to working out. Now thats an idea I can get behind.

3. Bacon Grease

This just seems gross, but one brewer swears by this secret ingredient. He claims the unique taste of his brew relies on the addition of bacon grease to his beer. I have had this beer before and while I cant pick up the flavor of bacon (thankfully), I cant argue with his technique as it is a good tasting beer.

Im sure there are plenty more brewmasters out there add some weird ingredients to their brews, but these are the strangest Ive ever come across.

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